Soprano Ukulele Sizes: The Ultimate Guide

In this article, I’ll show you the Soprano ukuleles sizes and discuss is it good for beginners.

The Soprano Ukulele Sizes

The most common ukulele sizes are SOPRANO, CONCERT, TENOR, and BARITONE.

This table shows two important ukulele dimensions​: TOTAL LENGTH and SCALE LENGTH.

As you can see, soprano is the smallest and baritone is the biggest.​

ukulele size
The Four Ukulele Sizes – SOPRANO, CONCERT, TENOR, and BARITONE Ukulele

Total length is the length of the uke measuring from the headstock to the bottom.

Scale length is the distance from the nut to the saddle. It can be helpful to think of the scale length as the portion of the strings that vibrate when you’re playing the uke. I’ll talk about why this is important soon.

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